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Cancer Group

Supporting Participants with a current or past diagnosis of cancer at all stages.

Through this free 8-week program learn, move and feel supported through your journey. 



Next start date: Wednesday 6th Oct 2021

Location: Upper Coomera Community Centre

When: Each Wednesday from 11am-12 pm for 8 weeks


Next start date: Tuesday 12th Oct 2021

Location: Palm Beach Space. 11th Avenue Palm Beach.

When: Each Tuesday from 10-11 am for 8 weeks. 


How do I get involved?

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Who We Are

Throughout our many years of working with the seniors in our community, General Wellness Centre became inspired to adapt the traditional Allied Health Care model and focus on the future of health. We realised, to make a change in the world, we needed to be able to reach all of Australia's seniors and break down the barriers they faced when trying to improve their health & wellness. We are inspired daily by your stories of accomplishment and revel in the opportunity to help you achieve your best health.  Through the wonder that is the internet, we can all connect from your particular corner of the earth and inspire each other to be active, healthy and well.

How we can help

Virtual Appointments

No need to leave the comfort of home, book an appointment with our Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy or Dietetics team. Virtual appointments use a video link that is simple to access. We can walk you through every step. Get personal access to our amazing team of Health Professionals, Bulk billing, DVA and NDIS options available

Gold Coast in Person

If you are lucky enough to live on the beautiful Gold Coast, you can book face to face appointments with our team. Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Hydrotherapy and Dietitian appointments are available at our place or yours. Bulk billing, DVA, NDIS, WorkCover are available with valid referrals.

Online Program

Our online program is our community. Filled with seniors who want to get the most out of life, we come together to inspire each other. The program has 6 pillars of health and wellness, designed to improve your health at every level. Live online classes, videos, challenges and a private Facebook group are all included in this fantastic community.

Seniors Classes

All General Wellness Centre Classes both Online and in-person are run by University qualified practitioners. We pride ourselves on following an evidence-based practice. 

We currently provide exercise classes at several locations on the Gold Coast. Classes are $7 per class and are suitable for all levels, injury and illness thanks to our Qualified team of instructors. 

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