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Through our 6 pillars of health and wellness, you will learn how to take care of yourself from the inside out.


Diet, Exercise, Stress Management, Social Connection, Wellness & Brain Connection. 


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The benefits of exercise to our health and wellbeing are undeniable. 

There is a range of different exercise prescriptions to manage different medical conditions. 

Our team of Exercise Physiologists & Physiotherapists have created a range of activities, classes and videos for you to get the most out of your exercise plan. 


The belief used to be that the ageing brain cannot develop new connections! How wrong we were. Did you know you can continue to develop new brain pathways & connections for our entire life!

Brain training allows us to jump-start the process called neurogenesis. Growing new brain channels will help you get yourself a "younger' brain. We also know that brain training allows us to reduce our dementia risk!


Loneliness is now considered a health epidemic. Countries such as England now have a minister for loneliness to assist managing loneliness and the health issues that accompany it.  

With loneliness rates increasing worldwide we decided it was important that we help our members with this issue.

This is a community, we are all here to support each other and enjoy each others company.


Nutrition is an important aspect of our health across all life stages.

This means that as we age we still need to ensure that we are eating a healthy, and balanced diet for optimal health.


Learn about all areas of nutrition to better equip yourself to lead a healthy and happy life, from the inside out. 


Stress plays a much bigger role than many of us give it credit for, we now know that stress hormones can shut down the immune system making us susceptible to disease, mental illness, infection and even cancer.


Over 90% of disease and illness today is based on lifestyle and stress, not genetics,” - Bruce Lipton 


Let us help you manage your stress better. 


The science of "wellness" is fascinating and mounting quickly. The impact looking after our mind and soul has on our physical bodies is becoming more evident. 

In this program, you will find a range of activities and education to help you look at your health from a different angle and help you to take the best care of your whole health and wellbeing. 

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