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Cancer Wellness Program

- Made possible by Active & Healthy Gold Coast

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer is demanding, not only on those diagnosed, but also for family and friends. Routines are interrupted, and people often say they feel like they are on a roller coaster ride of appointments, tests, and treatment schedules. Finding strategies which can help support those battling and recovering from cancer is important, along with staying connected with others going through the same challenges.

Exercise might feel like the last thing someone wants to do during cancer recovery, but research shows it could make all the difference, helping to boost energy levels, minimise side effects and even enhance the recovery process. Classes have been designed by qualified Exercise Physiologists, experienced in working with people who are undergoing treatment and recovery.

Supporting Participants with a current or past diagnosis of cancer at all stages.

Through this free 8-week program learn, move and feel supported through your journey. 

We currently have 3 programs running on the GC - Palm Beach, Southport & Upper Coomera.

Cancer Wellness Program.png

Palm Beach

Tuesday's 10am, Palm Beach Space - 11th Avenue Palm Beach.

Term 2 starts: Tuesday, May 2nd

Cost: FREE


Upper Coomera

Wednesday's 11am, Upper Coomera Community Centre, 90 Reserve Road.

Term 2 starts: Wednesday, April 26th

Cost: FREE



Thursday's, 11am, Southport Community Centre, Lawson Drive.

Term 2 starts: Thursday, April 27th

Cost: FREE

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