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The online weight loss  group program is coming soon!

Let's do this together, as a community, no judgement, just support, motivation and encouragement. Group program will launch soon so make sure you join our e-newsletter list and join our General Wellness Community Facebook page

The weight loss plan. 

We are a team of Clinical Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists & Dietitians so weight loss and improving cardiovascular fitness is an area we are often consulted about. 

It's important to understand, there is no quick fix, no magic pill. That seems to be what most of us are looking for. But before you give up reading any more, let us remind you, that there is a science to weight loss. There are formulas to understanding how the human body burns energy sources, how you can make those systems more efficient and ways to make the body respond faster and more effectively to your exercise and diet plan. 

One of the most successful formulas we have found, that has been proven through scientific studies, replicated in many of our clients with varying levels of fitness, weight loss goals and medical complications is a simple sprint-based protocol.

Based on your own resting heart rate and body composition, this program needs to be tailored to YOU. You will undergo some simple testing to gather all the data we need to make your exercise & nutrition prescription work for your body. Our team of AEP's & AES's will do all the science and math behind the scenes and present you with your personal ebook, that will contain everything you need to succeed. We will address all aspects of health & wellness so that you can work with a program that works for YOU. 

You can check in with your AEP/AES throughout the plan to keep you on track and motivated. 

You will have access to a diet plan written by an Accredited dietitian to help boost your weight loss.

The best part about this particular formula is that it is time-efficient. Our clients are able to get amazing results in less than 60 minutes per week of exercise.   

When you are ready to get results and be supported by a team of experts, email, call or even chat to us on our socials. We are ready to support you in your best health.

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